Window Graphics Created For CTS Cargo Tie-Down By 6ix Signs 

Scarborough, Ontario

Store sign, front.

Project Snapshot

BusinessCTS Cargo Tie-Down
Location160 Milner Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 3R3, Canada
ReasonCTS Cargo Tie-Down needed a new window graphic to replace their aging previous window graphic.

CTS Cargo Tie-Down Window Graphics Project Background

CTS Cargo Tie-Downs is a towing equipment provider located in Scarborough, Ontario. The company had window graphics that were beginning to age and were in need of upgrading. To help provide a solution, CTS commissioned 6ix Signs Toronto to design and install new window graphics.

Their new window graphics help the company better advertise and help potential customers to understand the full range of products and services the company provides. All of this contributes to improved return on investment and lowers their ongoing marketing and advertising costs.

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How Window Graphics Can Help Businesses Promote Their Services

For buildings with prominent window space, a well-designed window graphic is one of the best ways to utilize that unused area and maximize advertising and branding opportunities. These graphics can help you advertise to customers, improve brand recognition, and save energy costs.

For many businesses, window graphics represent an excellent opportunity to decrease marketing spending while seeing a solid ROI. Especially for areas with a lot of traffic, window graphics are a great way to reach potential customers without spending on advertising regularly.

Benefits of Window Graphics

There is a range of benefits that window graphics can provide business owners. As noted above, better exposure and advertising are at the top of the list. However, there are many other upsides to having window graphics installed that are useful to business owners.

Window Graphics Are Highly Customizable

You can print just about anything you want on window graphics and get the exact message you want across. This presents a prime opportunity to advertise your best products, promote specials, and strengthen your branding efforts.

Another benefit is that window graphics are highly versatile in size and shape. Even if you have overly large or oddly shaped windows that you need graphics for, 6ix Signs Toronto can help.

Many Window Graphics Are Energy Efficient

Depending on where your business is located and which direction it faces, you likely have trouble with sunlight at certain times of the day. If this is the case, you already know that this can lead to higher cooling bills during the summer months and be an annoyance for your customers and employees.

Window graphics can help to block out the sun and can potentially help you to lower your monthly energy costs during the spring and summer months. This can help you maximize your return on investment by saving money while at the same time bringing in customers.

Window Graphics Can Help With Branding

Because these graphics are highly customizable and often quite large, there is ample opportunity to improve your branding. You can easily print eye-catching graphics that stand out to potential customers.

Your graphics can be printed to work synchronously with the rest of your signage. This ensures that customers have a consistent experience and can also help set the tone for what they can expect from your business.

Window Graphics Help You Save Money On Marketing

With many forms of marketing and advertising, you will be spending money each month to help bring in customers. This one-time expense can provide you with years of advertising, helping you see a maximum return on investment.

This is in contrast to more traditional advertising options such as billboards, television, and radio. Another benefit is that you can easily change your window graphics as needed to coincide with special promotions and sales to maximize your investment and marketing efforts further.

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