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Functional and Creative Neon Signs

Kansas City, authentic BBQ, neon sign.

Neon signs are often more than just decorative. These signs let you convey messages, from the traditional Open/Closed signs to LED signboards for schools, churches, and businesses.

Some of the benefits of Neon signs, when correctly designed and installed, include:

  • Perfect for both day and night time usage
  • Custom made for each business
  • Great for displaying messages to attract visitors

It’s essential to work with a professional company to ensure you get the right sign for your needs.

Professional Design & Installation

Because each Neon sign is custom-made, working with an experienced Scarborough sign company is critical. 

6ix Signs, with over ten years in business, is attentive to the tiny details, ensuring your sign comes out right the first time.

Once your Neon sign is complete, professional installers will work to make sure it’s installed correctly and safely.

You can rest assured that 6ix Signs will continue to work with you for ongoing maintenance, ensuring you maximum ROI.

A neon sign advertising smith's bar restaurant.

Get Neon Signs for Scarborough Toronto Businesses

A lashgod neon sign.

Every Neon sign installation is different, and the needs of every business are different when choosing the right sign.

The team at 6ix Signs can work with you step-by-step to ensure you get the correct type of sign and perfect design for your Scarborough, Toronto business.

We will go through the entire process to understand the exact purpose and help you get the right design.

We’ve worked with other Scarborough and Greater Toronto area businesses to design and install LED, and Neon signs and can help you too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much neon signs cost will depend on the size of the sign, location of installation, and what material is used.

Depending on the factors mentioned above, neon sign prices can range from $300 to $8,000 or more.

Neon signs can last as long as five years or more depending on where the sun is hitting the sign and how well the sign is maintained.

It's essential to have your neon signs professionally maintained to get the whole life out of the sign and maximize ROI.

Neon signs do not use much electricity and can be good options for stores that want a lighted sign without increasing energy costs. The average usage for neon signs is 12 volts.

The best place to get a neon sign repaired is through the sign company that sold you the neon sign.

Because neon signs can be complicated and made in different ways, 6ix Signs will only repair neon signs made in-house.

Neon signs can be left on all of the time. Because the energy usage of the sign is low, they can be left on without concern for high energy bills or overheating.

Neon signs do not get hot. These signs are typically low voltage, 12 volts, which means they do not run hot and have no risk of overheating when used correctly and professionally made and installed.

Neon signs will not typically catch fire unless there are electrical problems. The signs are safe and do not overheat.
However, it's imperative to ensure that the signs are plugged in safely and correctly maintained.

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