Illuminated Channel Letters Sign Made for Tech Dot Com by 6ix Signs

Thornhill, Ontario

Picture of the channel letter sign installed by 6ix Signs for Tech Dot Com in Thornhill, Ontario.
BusinessTech Dot Com
Location1 Promenade Cir Inside Promenade Mall, Opp- Telus-Kood, Vaughan, ON L4J 4P8, Canada
ReasonTech Dot Com opened in the Promenade Mall in Thornhill, Ontario, and needed a new channel letters sign to help the business stand out from other stores in their area of the mall.

Tech Dot Com Channel Letter Sign Project Background

Tech Dot Com is a mobile phone repair shop located in the popular Promenade Mall in Thornhill, Ontario. The company opened a new store location and needed signage to help the store stand out from others in the mall.

To help fulfill their signage needs, the owners of Tech Dot Com hired the team at 6ix Signs Toronto to fabricate and install a custom illuminated front and back channel letter sign. 

The 6ix Signs Toronto team was able to create a unique sign that helped the Tech Dot Com store stand out from others in the same area of the mall, improving visibility and increasing the likelihood of potential customers discovering the shop.

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How Channel Letter Signs Can Help Businesses Stand Out

Channel letters are an excellent way to create a unique and strong brand identity for your business. They’re also a good way to get people’s attention when they drive or walk by your building. You can even choose from a variety of illuminated or non-illuminated signs, ensuring your business stays visible day or night.

Channel letters are an excellent way to create unique signs for any business. You can use them to convey messages about your company, products, services, and even events. Everything from cartoony to professional or luxurious can be designed based on your specific needs.

This makes channel letters an incredibly versatile way to separate your building from your competition and surrounding businesses.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are highly versatile and offer a variety of advantages, including increased brand awareness, better branding, and greater visual appeal. These aren’t the only benefits business owners can get from a well-crafted and professionally installed channel letter sign.

Channel Letter Signs Can Help You With Branding

If you want people to share pictures of your business, you need strong branding. Thankfully, channel letter signs offer a range of design options to help you create strong and consistent signage that will strengthen your brand.

Your storefront sign is one of the first things people see when they first come to your business. A consistent brand and impressive signage can go a long way toward setting the tone and letting customers know exactly what your business is about.

Channel Letter Signs Present Great Photo Opportunities

One of the realities of the post-social media landscape is that every share counts toward helping your business connect with potential clients and customers. Having a reason for people to take photos can go a long way toward increasing social media visibility.

For businesses such as clothing stores and restaurants, having an eye-catching channel letter sign can be a solid way to present your brand in a place where people are likely to take photos and share them. This dramatically increases the chance that their friends and family on social media will also visit your business.

Customers Can More Easily find your Business

For businesses that are surrounded by potential competitors and other businesses, such as Tech Dot Com located in the mall, or companies that are located in dense urban areas, channel letter signs help customers find your specific location.

Having prominent signage decreases the chances that your customers will have to go around hunting for your building. This provides a better experience and reduces customers’ likelihood of stumbling into a nearby competitor.

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Help Your Business Stand Out Day and Night

One final way that channel letter signs can help business owners is they come with illuminated options. This ensures that your sign is well-lit at all hours of the day and night, allowing people passing your business to see it.

Even if your business is closed during the evening and nighttime hours, having a bright illuminated channel letter sign improves the odds someone who wants your products or services sees your sign and visits during opening hours. 

Get Your Professionally Made Channel Letter Sign From 6ix Signs Toronto

Don’t wait to get your professionally made channel letter sign designed and installed. Each day, you are missing out on many of the benefits already mentioned. This means you could lose customers and create a frustrating experience if people can’t easily find your building.

Contact 6ix Signs Toronto today to get your channel letter sign designed and installed. The team at 6ix Signs Toronto has over a decade of experience working with a range of businesses to provide sign solutions. We can help you get the perfect channel letter sign to meet your needs and wow your customers.

Talk to Us About Professional Signs & Printing

Get in touch with 6ix Signs to find out how we can help you increase visibility for your business with professionally built and installed signs and digital prints.

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