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Whitby, Ontario

Cutout letter sign created for Leon's in Whitby, Ontario.

Project Snapshot

BusinessLeon’s Furniture
Location1500 Victoria St E, Whitby, ON L1N 9M3, Canada
ReasonLeon’s Furniture in Whitby, Ontario needed a cutout letter sign to replace the 20-year-old neon sign which was previously being used.

Leon’s Furniture Whitby Thin Mount Brushed Aluminum Cutout Letter Sign Project Background

Leon’s Furniture is one of the most popular furniture store brands in Canada with over 300 stores throughout all provinces, including in Whitby, Ontario.

Their Whitby Ontario location needed new channel letter signage to replace a 20-year-old neon sign. To help, they hired 6ix Signs Toronto to fabricate a brushed aluminum thin-mount cutout letter sign to take its place. 

The team at 6ix Signs was able to create a sign that remained on brand and matched the external signage, ensuring increased brand recognition and a more professional appearance.

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How Cutout Letter Signs Help Your Business Stand Out

For business owners looking for indoor or outdoor signage that can help with branding and identification, custom cutout letter signs can offer a highly versatile solution.

These signs can be used as your primary outdoor signage or indoors for further branding opportunities. Depending on how unique and creative your signage is, cutout letter signs can even present opportunities for customers to post photos to social media, further enhancing exposure opportunities.

Because cutout letter signs are so highly customizable, you can easily have signage created that matches your brand exactly, ensuring all of your different signage types remain consistent.

Benefits of Professionally Installed Cutout Letter Signs

There are plenty of ways that a custom cutout letter sign can provide benefits to you as a business owner. At the top of the list is the opportunity to strengthen your brand with impactful signage, but this is by no means the only benefit a custom cutout letter sign can offer.

Highly Customizable

One of the key things about cutout letter signs is the high degree of customizability they offer business owners. This includes everything from the sign color to style and texture as well as backlighting options

All of these options ensure that you can have signage designed that will help your business stand out to potential customers. It also ensures that your custom cutout letter signs will fit in with the rest of your business’s exterior and interior signage.

Helps With Branding and Promoting Your Business

Because cutout letter signs are so highly customizable, you can ensure that your signs are made in line with your business branding. Combined with other signage such as pylon signs and channel letter signs, you can more easily promote your business and services to passersby and visitors to your store.

For businesses that rely on in-person transactions, such as grocery stores, car lots, furniture stores, and similar businesses, cutout letter signs can provide an exceptional opportunity to reinforce your brand in the minds of everyone who visits your store.

Inexpensive Compared With Other Signage Solutions

Some signage types can cost quite a bit more than others due to the complexity of installation and the higher degree of difficulty when fabricating the sign. Compared to these more expensive signage options, cutout letter signs can present an optimal solution.

Your cutout letter signs can be customized to align with your other indoor and outdoor signage. This low cost combined with a high degree of customizability ensures you get the most from your cutout letter sign.

Highly Durable and Long Lasting

It’s logical that you would want a sign that will last for many years allowing you maximum return on your investment. After all, good signage is key to furthering your marketing efforts and better reaching local traffic..

Professionally installed cutout letter signs offer a solid signage option in terms of durability and longevity. These signs hold up well both indoors and outdoors making them a versatile signage solution. 

Combined with their versatility and a high degree of customizability, cutout letter signs can make a solid choice for many businesses.

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You can count on 6ix Signs Toronto to create high-quality and durable cutout letter signs that effectively serve to market your business. The 6ix Signs Toronto team has been working with business owners for over a decade to help create effective signage that aligns with company branding.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out the reviews from satisfied customers below and see why people trust 6ix Signs Toronto. We can help you with your coroplast sign needs and get you the results you want with effective signage.

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