Vehicle Graphic Created For Condo Handyman By 6ix Signs Toronto

Etobicoke, Ontario

Picture of the vehicle graphics created for Condo Handyman by 6ix Signs Toronto.

Project Snapshot

BusinessCondo Handyman
Location2984 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V 1J9, Canada
ReasonCondo Handyman needed vehicle graphics to enhance its branding and increase advertising potential.

Condo Handyman Vehicle Graphic Project Background

Condo Handyman is a condominium repair and renovation company headquartered in Etobicoke, Ontario. The company specializes in minor repairs and complete restorations with over twenty-five years of experience.

To help improve their brand visibility and advertising ROI, the company hired the team at 6ix Signs Toronto to create and apply vehicle graphics to their work vans. The graphic featured their branding and prominently displayed their phone number and website to make it easy for potential customers to get in touch.

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How Vehicle Graphics Can Help Businesses Promote Their Services

Vehicle graphics are an excellent opportunity to enhance your company’s branding and advertising efforts and reach a wider audience. For service-based businesses, especially those that go to a customer’s location to render services or deliver products, every time your vehicle is on the road, you have the opportunity to reach potential customers.

One of the best things about vehicle graphics is that they cost significantly less than many other advertising opportunities and are a one-time fee. This is in comparison to billboards or similar forms of advertising which require a monthly payment and only reach customers in a particular geographical area.

Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

As previously mentioned, perhaps the most significant advantage of vehicle graphics is the low-cost advertising that it can provide. This ensures you get the maximum return on investment by reaching the greatest number of potential customers. However, there are many more benefits business owners should be aware of when it comes to vehicle graphics.

Vehicle Graphics Provide Enhanced Visibility

Every time your vehicle is on the road or parked in a public area, your brand is seen by hundreds and potentially thousands of people. With every person who sees your vehicle’s graphics, you are increasing the chance of connecting with potential customers who can patronize your business, increasing your return on investment.

With vehicle graphics, you have a moving billboard that can be seen by all and isn’t confined to a specific area. The great thing about this is that as long as your vehicle is in public, it’s being seen. This includes when it is parked in front of your building, on the road, parked at clients’ locations, or anywhere else.

Plenty Of Space For Branding With Vehicle Graphics

In addition to the benefit mentioned above, most vehicles provide ample space for branding and signage, especially cargo vans and box trucks used by many service businesses. This means you can fit all of the vital information you need, including:

  • Company phone number
  • Social media handle
  • Photos of services or products
  • List of all services and products
  • Website URL
  • Email
  • Hours of operation

All this information can increase the chance that you connect with potential customers and quickly convey the information they need to get in touch with you.

Vehicle Graphics Help Maximize Marketing ROI

Adding vehicle graphics as one of your marketing channels can help you maximize your marketing and advertising budget. Because you are only paying once for the graphic and getting hundreds to thousands of uses from it, you are spreading your costs among many customers.

Another consideration is that vehicle graphics and wraps can help to protect your vehicle. This means you are saving money on maintenance and protecting the paint on your vehicles which can further save you money.

Vehicle Graphics Provide Inexpensive Advertising

As noted, vehicle graphics are an excellent way to market your business. Of greater benefit to business owners, though, is that vehicle graphics and wraps are relatively inexpensive compared to other advertising and marketing methods such as radio ads or television commercials.

The average vehicle graphic or wrap can cost as little as a few hundred dollars for smaller graphics up to ten thousand dollars for full wraps on larger vehicles such as box trucks and cargo vans. 

Compare this to television commercials, which can start in the mid-five figures, or radio ads which run hundreds to thousands per week, and vehicle graphics end up costing much less.

Get Your Professionally Designed Vehicle Graphics From 6ix Signs Toronto

If you have work vehicles that don’t have vehicle graphics or wraps, your business is missing out on a powerful advertising opportunity that could lead to massive returns. The team at 6ix Signs Toronto can help. 

Our team members have over a decade of experience helping business owners find the exact solutions to their signage needs. We can help you get started with vehicle graphics and wraps that will effectively advertise your products and services and help potential customers discover your business. Contact the team at 6ix Signs Toronto today!

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Get in touch with 6ix Signs to find out how we can help you increase visibility for your business with professionally built and installed signs and digital prints.

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