Vehicle Graphics for Trans Ontario Express By 6ix Signs Toronto

Scarborough, Ontario

Truck, red.

Project Snapshot

BusinessTrans Ontario Express
Location2215 Markham Rd, Scarborough, ON M1B 2W3, Canada
Year2010 – Present
ReasonTrans Ontario Express needed their branding on their truck fleet

Vehicle Decal Project Background

Trans Ontario Express is a freight shipping company that ships to major cities in Canada and throughout the United States. 6ix Signs has partnered with Trans Ontario Express as far back as 2010, creating and installing various types of signs for the company such as channel letter signs and vehicle graphics. In 2019, Trans Ontario Express needed a channel letter sign for their new business location in Scarborough, Ontario. We have been creating and installing vehicle graphics for Trans Ontario Express vehicles, including large freight trucks, as part of the company’s effort to show consistent branding.

Installing the Vehicle Decals on Trans Ontario Express Freight Trucks

The 6ix Signs team created vehicle graphics to install on the Trans Ontario Express freight truck trailer. Here you can see the 6ix Signs team working on the sides and back of the trailer, applying the logo, phone number, and byline. Vehicle graphics are an effective way to increase brand exposure, especially if your business involves travel or is regularly on the move. The Trans Ontario Express team knew they needed high quality vehicle graphics to convey professionalism via their truck fleet whether on the road on stationary.

2023 Vehicle Graphics Refresh

7 Way Vehicle Graphics Help You Grow Your Business

black, semi truck.

Vehicle graphics can benefit your business in a number of ways. They’re old school and they still work! If your business requires vehicles on the road, then vehicle graphics are a great way to get the word out about your brand. Here are 7 ways you can take advantage of vehicle graphics to increase brand awareness.

Massive Brand Exposure

Advertising your brand on your vehicles gains you massive exposure to a wide audience. People – regardless of whether they are your target buyer – see your brand on your vehicles and come to recognize and associate your brand with your product or service offering. Many of these will recall your brand and spread it through word of mouth when someone they know is looking for your product or service offering. Whether the vehicle is on the road or parked on a lot, people will invariably see your branding.

Attention Grabbing

Vehicle graphics are a form of mobile advertising and gain attention wherever your vehicle goes. They’re like billboards, but better. A billboard is stationary, whereas your vehicle isn’t. What’s more, since most cars on the road don’t have branding applied to them, your vehicle stands out and gets noticed by other drivers and pedestrians.

Cost Effective

Most forms of advertising are on a rental basis. Whether you are renting physical space on a building or billboard, or virtual space on a website or search ad, your ads only display as long as you pay. Vehicle graphics are an upfront cost, but do not cost you more once the graphics are applied. Your vehicle is yours, and so is the advertising on it. Once it’s on, you don’t pay a dime for the advertising until it’s time to change up your vehicle graphics. You can get years of advertising from your investment.

Easily Changeable

Whether you go with decals or vehicle wraps, these can be easily changed as needed. When you need new graphics for your vehicle, our team can carefully and professionally have the old graphics removed and the new ones installed.

Low Friction

Flyers end up in people’s mailboxes or doors. Billboards require drivers to turn their focus off the road onto the billboard. TV ads require viewers to be watching TV on certain times. Online ads appear based on what a user searches and what results appear at certain times of day and locations. Each of these medium require the audience’s routine to be interrupted by an ad. So what about vehicle ads?

Vehicle ads don’t interrupt anyone’s routine. Whether you are driving, stuck in traffic, or waiting for the bus, vehicle ads will grab your attention while not requiring you to be anywhere else or do anything else outside of your current activity. No disruption means low friction and broader acceptance of vehicle ads than other advertising medium.


One of the greatest benefits of vehicle graphics is that they can help you become well-known in your community. When people see your vehicle in your business locale, their awareness of your brand increases. This leads to higher brand recognition, brand recall, and word of mouth advertising in your community, and mean increased business for you.

Yours to Keep

As mentioned above, vehicle advertising differs from other forms of advertising in that it belongs to you once you’ve paid for it, so it continues working for you long after your investment. It attracts attention whether on the road or parked, and there is no expiry date – it’s yours to keep as long as you own the vehicle and the business.

Vehicle Graphics Professionally Designed By 6ix Signs

6ix Signs creates and installs vehicle graphics for hundreds of clients. Our team is professional and experienced with various forms of vehicle graphics, from decals to wraps. Talk to us about taking full advantage of vehicle advertising to attract more customers and increase brand exposure.

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