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Pickering, Ontario

A red truck is parked next to a sign that says acculine.

Project Snapshot

BusinessSunlight Truck Repairs
Location1051 Brock Rd S Pickering, Ontario, Canada, L1W 3T7
ReasonPylon sign and other business signage needed for a new location

Pylon Sign Project Background

Sunlight Truck Repairs is a truck repair and service garage located in Pickering, Ontario. Sunlight Truck Repairs needed new signs for their business and to replace the signs that existed prior. These included pylon signs, window graphics, and vinyl signs. Naturally, the major work needed was the pylon sign, as the old sign had to be removed and the new one installed.

Original pylon sign for  Total Truck Care, Ltd. replaced with new Sunlight Truck Repair sign by 6ix Signs.
The original pylon sign for Total Truck Care, Ltd. was replaced with the new Sunlight Truck Repair sign.

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What is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are a type of business sign that is mounted on one or more poles. Unlike other storefront signage, pylon signs are standalone signs and are usually placed at a building entrance such as car dealerships, shopping malls, plazas, and business or industrial parks. They are also often used for schools and colleges, as well as for government office and buildings. People may also refer to them as road signs or highway signs. Considering Canadians spend a significant proportion of their time on the road, commuting to work, driving around in the neighbourhood, or traveling between cities and regions, pylon signs are a highly effective way to capture the attention of passersby.

Whether someone is actively seeking out your business, or they happen to see your signage as a result of their wandering eyes, they notice your business, leading to an increase in visitors to your place of business. One of the distinct benefits of pylon signs is that they can more easily be seen from a distance. Another unique benefit is that they typically display all businesses in the plaza or complex, and it is often the case that buyers intend to visit more than one business while there.

What are the Different Types of Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs come in a variety of illuminated or non-illuminated options. They also vary widely in price range. In most cases, pylon signs are already installed by the building owners or property management, and businesses situated in these plazas or complexes only need to have their business sign created and mounted into one of the pylon sign slots. Businesses which comprise the entire building or complex may need to install their own pylon sign. The different types of pylon signs include:

  • Single-pole mount signs
  • Twin-pole mount signs (this is what the auto park where Sunlight Truck Repairs is located has, as shown in the photos)
  • Covered pole mount signs
  • Custom light-box signs (these are illuminated so your sign is visible at all times of the day)

Replacing the Pylon Sign from Total Truck Care to Sunlight Truck Repairs

The 6ix Signs team was commissioned to create the new pylon sign and replace the original sign. We set out on our boom truck to safely and professionally remove the original sign before installing the new one:

Original pylon sign for Sunlight Truck Repair (formerly Total Truck Care, Ltd.), removed by 6ix Signs for replacement.
The 6ix Signs sign installation team removed the original sign professionally and safely.

Once the original sign was removed from the pylon, our crew worked on installing the new sign:

Unlike the original sign, the new sign clearly displays Sunlight Truck Repairs’ phone number so people can capture it as they drive past the auto plaza to get in touch later. The new sign also reflects clearer branding, displaying the logo to the left of the business name and phone number.

Pylon signs are intended to help people discover what businesses exist in the area or community and to recognize businesses they want to visit. Most shopping malls, plazas, dealerships, and business parks have pylon signs at their main entrance, and businesses located in these complexes typically have a sign installed in one of the pylon sign slots. This helps approaching drivers, passengers, and pedestrians prepare to enter the complex when they recognize the business they are looking for.

Sunlight Truck Repairs also hired us to design and install their window graphics and vinyl signs at their place of business. We installed window signs on their door and one of the panes of their garage door. These signs not only display the business name and phone number, but also the operating hours.

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6ix Signs ensures you have the correct dimensions for mounting a professional-looking sign for your business on a pylon sign. We create your sign using the graphics you provide and install it into the pylon sign for you. If you are changing out an older sign, we take care of the replacement as well. Contact us to learn more about how to get customers into your business with pylon signs.

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