St. Lawrence Market

Brick building.

Located at the heart of the old town district of Toronto, Ontario, the St. Lawrence Market complex consists of three buildings; one for retail shops, another for restaurants, and the third for wholesale markets.

Visit the South Market Building with its restaurants, artisans, and specialty food vendors offering tourists the unique and lively atmosphere at an authentic farmers’ market; the Market Gallery featuring changing exhibits dedicated to Toronto’s culture and history, and the Market Kitchen with culinary classes for all ages and levels.

It was built between 1911 and 1914. Located at the top of Davenport Hill in Toronto, it’s a beautiful building. It has been witness to a century-long history of romance, ambition mystery, and passion. It’s a popular tourist attraction and within walking distance of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Places To Eat In St. Lawrence Market

In the North Market Building, you’ll find the farmers’ market where farmers arrive every weekend at dawn to sell their meats, cheeses, and produce – just as they’ve been doing for more than two centuries. St. Lawrence Hall continues to be Toronto’s favourite venue for social and business events. Complete your visit with an hour-long guided walking tour of the St Lawrence Market Complex to learn about its 200-year history.


With a famous fish and chips recipe, Buster’s Fish and Chips is perfect for a satisfying meal. It’s been a staple at the market for several decades, making it one of our most popular restaurants.


The heavy nod to Canadian French linkages is clear with this new creperie. Order what you love to eat and watch the chefs grill up right before your eyes.

It offers an extensive range of choices and top-quality products, so there’s never a lack of places to eat, drink, and shop.


For almost twenty years, Yip‘s Kitchen has been serving delicious Chinese food to St.Lawrence customers. Because they’re so busy, you might need to wait for your order at times but if you want freshly made food, then Yip’s Kitchen is where you need to be!

If the word “spanakopita” or “baklava” strikes your fancy, plan a visit to Yianni‘s Kitchen, the best Greek restaurant in Toronto. With delicious Greek breakfasts, juicy roasts for lunch, and lots of new dishes to try, there’s never a lack of new things to eat here.

There Are Lots Of Things To See At St. Lawrence Market

A 2012 article by National Geographic named Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market the world’s most beautiful market. It beat out New York City’s Union Square greenmarket and St. Lucian Castries Market for the title.

It’s hard not to be impressed with the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan bread and pastries, specialty cheese, preserves, and international foods available in the local farmers’ markets. You may even get some ideas for dinner!

St. Lawrence Market is best known for its food but is also a great place to go shopping and enjoy fun activities. Each weekend, local vendors sell their goods at indoor and outdoor markets.

On Sundays, the city’s markets transform into a treasure trove of vintage items from all eras. You can buy anything from unusual rugs and furniture to funky souvenirs for yourself or gifts for friends back at home.

On most weekdays, local craftspeople set up shop at the farmers’ market and sell handmade items ranging from jewelry to quality natural clothing and accessories, to souvenirs.