Royal Ontario Museum

Black and white photo, modern building.

The Royal Ontario Museum can be found in the heart of downtown Toronto, close to Queen Street West and CN Tower. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Toronto, the museum attracts millions of tourists each year. The museum features exhibits on art, history, science, technology, natural sciences, and culture. The museum is home to two collections, the Canadian Collection and the World Culture Collection. The museum boasts of being the largest museum in North America, with a total area of 1.5 hectares. The museum consists of five buildings, including the main building, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Roy Thomson Hall, the David Pecaut Gallery, and the Science Wing. The museum opened in 1976 and has won many awards for its architecture and design. The museum is open seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is free, except for special exhibitions. You can get a pass for unlimited admission for $25 per person. The museum is closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Victoria Day.

Royal Ontario Museum Lobby

You enter the museum lobby, thinking you’re entering a five-star hotel. The only difference is that the walls are decorated with giant dinosaur skeletons, like dinosaurs that could scare you if you’re not used to seeing them. I was really scared, because they were full skeletons, looking so real, I thought I was in a horror film. Other things you can find in this place are amazing sculptures of ancient things like temples, masks, and artwork of ancient great thinkers, philosophers, scientists, soldiers, emperors, and other strong people who made marks in history.

Giant Animal Skeletons

There are also entertaining sections you can visit within the museum, all year long there are different shows and cultural performances to amuse visitors. Some of them include the 400 spiders show, illuminated books set, musical performance, and more. There are 3 main entrances you can take into the museum, depending on which direction you’re coming from and how you get there.

Royal Ontario Museum Entrance

Michael Lee-Chi Bloor Street Entrance – Bloor Street West Parking is not allowed in the loading areas, taxis and other vehicles may pick up and drop passengers on Bloor Street West. Weston Queen’s Park Entrance: Queen’s Park Avenue taxis are allowed to pick up and drop visitors in the loading zones on Queen’s Park, but parking is prohibited in these areas. President’s Choice School Entrance: Queens Park Avenue South End Museum. Parking is not permitted in this loading zone, taxis and other vehicles may drop and pick up visitors in this area. The best way to see the Royal Ontario Museum Canada is in a group, they offer a special discount for groups of 20 or more people. There is something for every visitor, a lot of attractions that keep visitors coming back again and again. It has a children’s play area where kids can enjoy themselves, an Ancient Egypt exhibit, and a China temple exhibit. So next time you plan a trip to Canada, make sure to include Toronto in your itinerary. You’ll find so much to do and see!