Removable Wall Graphics for Rollz Ice Cream By 6ix Signs Toronto

Scarborough, Ontario

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Project Snapshot

BusinessRollz Ice Cream
Location6-5631 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1V 5P6, Canada
ReasonROLLZ Ice Cream launched in 2019 and needed signs for its new business location

Wall Graphic Project Background

Rollz Ice Cream is one of the hottest new businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, serving up a blend of Thai rolled ice cream to ice cream lovers. Since developing wall graphics for its original Scarborough, Ontario location, Rollz Ice Cream has expanded to 9 locations across Ontario, owing to its fun, community oriented business model. Rollz Ice Cream has been featured on Toronto’s top restaurant and dining blog site blogTO. This is what they had to say about Rollz Ice Cream (note the specific mention of the mural (wall graphic):

Everything about this plaza dessert spot on Steeles goes all out, from its massive YTV-esque mural to its big portions of ice cream rolls that come in flavours like ice cream cake or chocolate fudge.


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When Rollz Ice Cream launched, they approached 6ix Signs to create professional signage for their brand. This included both storefont signs as well as wall graphics for the store interior and exterior. So we set out to create wall graphics that represented the brand and set the right mood and ambience for their customers. Now, when you walk into Rollz Ice Cream, there is no mistake about where you are, and you know you’re about to be delighted with a cup full of happiness!

How Wall Graphics Help Draw In Customers and Create a Memorable Experience

Painting your store walls with your brand colours lets customers know your brand colours. Using wall graphics lets your customers connect with your brand. This is what Rollz Ice Cream wanted to achieve, and this is what we did for them. Using our cutting edge printing technology, we are able to print high resolution, high quality large format digital prints that represent your brand professionally and emphatically.

The combination of mural and in-store graphics applied to the serving counter appeal to customers both before and after they walk in. When approaching or passing by the store, people see the vibrant, eye-catching colours in the store. Once they walk in, customers are mesmerized by these same colours and the gleeful images of Rollz signature Thai rolled ice cream.

Advantages of Removable Wall Graphics

Removable Wall Graphics such as what we created for Rollz Ice Cream and hundreds of other clients offer a myriad of advantages over typical wall coverings. Let’s take a closer look at these advantages.

Wall Graphics Bolster Your Brand and Connect with Customers

Wall Graphics are excellent for strengthening your brand. They immerse your customers in your brand through powerful, colourful, and relevant imagery. This consistent exposure helps increase brand recognition with customers. Besides your company name and logo, other ways to take advantage of wall graphics is to include images and relate to your business such as the cityscape or skyline, historical photos of the city or neighbourhood, and even your business over the years. You can create a collage with photos of your customers and employees enjoying their best moments with your brand. You can even use wall graphics to display your mission and core values.

Removable wall graphics have the advantage of being swapped out or moved around as and when needed. If your business has evolved, perhaps your brand image has, too. In this case, you can easily replace your current wall graphics with new ones. If you’re running time limited promotions, or celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, then removable wall graphics can be easily swapped for the occasion. And if you’ve decided to move or expand your business space, you can reuse or repurpose your wall graphics without wasting time, money, and resources on painting over permanent wall coverings.

Wall Graphics Motivate Employees and Improve Productivity

If you create the right mood for your customers, you’re also creating the ideal environment for your employees. Just as artwork can transform your home, it can turn otherwise plain store or office walls into stories, memories, and emotions that inspire your employees. Rather than decorating your business with stock pictures or paintings, create customized graphics that speaks to your customers and employees, and reflects your branding. This is what Rollz Ice Cream has done with their interior and exterior wall graphics; they wanted to parlay their brand as a fun, community-oriented ice cream parlour that isn’t your ordinary big brand store. Employees working in the store can enjoy their day just as much as customers can enjoy a cup of Thai rolled ice cream.

Removable Wall Graphics are Easy to Install and Move

Murals and permanent wall graphics are awesome and attention-grabbing – they can draw in customers. But you can achieve nearly identical results with removable wall graphics, which are easier to install, with a variety of installation options. And when you need to move or replace them, it’s nowhere near as complex and labor-intensive to do so.

Wall Graphics are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Your standard picture frames need regular dusting and cleaning, and may even need to be taken down from the walls to do so. Wall graphics, on the other hand, accumulate less dust and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. The vinyl material used for wall graphics means they don’t easily get scratched, scuffed, or stained.

Wall Graphics Won’t Damage Your Walls

Removable wall graphics can be removed as easily as they can be installed. Typically, wall graphics can be peeled off the walls directly or by applying some heat to separate the wall graphic from the wall surface. As they peel off relatively easily, they don’t cause any damage to the walls. In this way, wall graphics are better than murals or picture frames,

Wall Graphics can be Installed Indoors or Outdoors

Wall Graphics can be installed on interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, and counters. They can even be installed even floors and ceilings. Outdoor wall graphics can be made to ensure outdoor weather conditions and adhere to rougher surfaces like brick or concrete walls. Window graphics are designed to adhere to glass windows and doors., and are visible from outside and inside.

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Wall Graphics Professionally Designed By 6ix Signs

The 6ix Signs team can design and install wall graphics in your place of business. We can design customized wall graphics tailored to your business and fit to size. When we install your wall graphics at your store or office, it becomes an integral part of your branding and helps you connect with your customers and improve employee productivity. Removable wall graphics can achieve similar results as murals and picture frames while having the advantage of being easy to install, move, clean, and maintain.

Talk to us about how to use wall graphics to showcase your brand, attract more customers, build brand recognition, and create a conducive work environment for your team.

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