Pylon Sign Created For Affy’s Premium Grill By 6ix Signs 

Scarborough, Ontario

Picture of the Affy's Premium Grill pylon sign designed and installed by 6ix Signs Toronto.

Project Snapshot

BusinessAffy’s Premium Grill Steakhouse
Location55 Lebovic Ave C101, Scarborough, ON M1L 4V9, Canada
ReasonAffy’s Premium Grill opened a new location and needed a pylon sign to help them stand apart from the other companies listed on the entrance pylon.

Affy’s Premium Grill Pylon Sign Project Background

Affy’s Premium Grill is a premium restaurant that offers a wide range of meats and food options in Scarborough, Ontario. Renowned chef Afzal Bhatti founded the restaurant and is widely known for quality dishes around the Toronto area.

In 2018, the restaurant opened a new location in Scarborough and needed a new pylon sign for the plaza they were moving to. The company contacted 6ix Signs Toronto to provide a high-quality and professional signage solution.

Their new pylon sign was designed to stand out from other businesses listed on the pylon. This helped to both attract customers and differentiate Affy’s from their competitors and other companies in the plaza. 

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How Pylon Signs Can Help Businesses Stand Out

For businesses like Affy’s Premium Grill, a pylon sign is critical for standing from the many other companies in a plaza or strip mall. Where the restaurant is located, there are close to a dozen businesses, all vying for the attention of traffic.

Many businesses find themselves in this position, competing with other businesses for space and attention and trying to reach the right customers. A well-designed pylon sign that stands out from others can provide a low-cost solution with a solid ROI.

Benefits of Pylon Signs

There are a variety of benefits that make pylon signs an optimal solution for a range of businesses. At the top of the list is the ability to capture the attention of a large number of people who will be looking at the sign. However, there are other benefits that business owners should consider.

Plenty of Space For Branding

Potential customers and business owners alike will appreciate the more prominent space for printing information about the business. For customers, more space means more information that may be useful, such as:

  • Business hours
  • Complete list of services
  • Other companies (shopping complexes)
  • Brands sold
  • Upcoming sales and specials

For business owners, this also means there is plenty of room for branding that can help leave an impression on customers. Think of the giant pylon signs often seen on car lots. They’re hard to miss and can leave a powerful impression on people who see them.

Easier For People In Cars to See

One of the core purposes of pylon signs is to make it easier for a business to stand out. This is especially true for businesses along busy roads, freeways, intersections, etc. Any place where there is regular heavy traffic can benefit from a pylon sign.

Imagine all of the drivers that regularly pass by your business. A pylon sign can present an eye-catching landmark they’re sure to remember. Depending on the location, this could be hundreds to thousands of people every day seeing your sign. Over time, many of these are likely to become your customers.

Easy To Maintain

Pylon signs are made to be incredibly durable. They have to withstand a range of temperatures and elements, including storms, heavy wind, and more. When properly taken care of, pylon signs can last over ten years before needing to be maintained.

A pylon sign can be an excellent option for business owners who want to minimize maintenance and upkeep while ensuring maximum return on investment.

Helps To Stand Out Among Other Businesses

One final benefit of the added visibility to your business is that your sign will stand out among surrounding buildings. This is especially beneficial in high-density areas where many competing companies are located.

An attractive and unique pylon sign can help present your business in the best possible light and capture the attention of potential customers over your competition. 

Professionally Designed and Installed Pylon Signs From 6ix Signs Toronto

Whether you need a new pylon sign to replace your previous one, or you’re a new business and need to stand out from the competition, 6ix Signs has you covered. With over a decade of experience, the 6ix Signs team understands how to make signs pop and help your business stand out.

We can design large and small signs for installation in existing pylon sign structures. Contact the 6ix Signs team today and start the process of creating your new pylon sign.

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Get in touch with 6ix Signs to find out how we can help you increase visibility for your business with professionally built and installed signs and digital prints.

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