Fascia Sign Created For Hart Pump Service By 6ix Signs 

Etobicoke, Ontario

Feature image of the Hart Pump fascia sign designed and instealled by 6ix Signs Toronto.

Project Snapshot

BusinessHart Pump Service
Location700 Kipling Ave Unit 200, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5G3, Canada
ReasonHart Pump Service opened a new location in Etobicoke and needed a sign to help their business stand out from others in the plaza.

Hart Pump Service Fascia Sign Project Background

Hart Pump Service is a pumping equipment sales and service company with multiple locations throughout Ontario. In 2021, Hart opened a new location in Etobicoke, Ontario

The building they chose to open their new store in is located in a commercial plaza nearby the semi-major Kipling Avenue. Previously, a sign shop was located in the building, which meant Hart needed new signage and branding on the building.

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Hart Pump Service contacted 6ix Signs Toronto to provide an optimal solution and commissioned a new fascia sign along with some window graphics. The goal of the new fascia sign was to dually help the business stand out from other companies in the plaza and stand out to potential customers in traffic along Kipling Avenue.

The team at 6ix Signs Toronto created a fascia sign that achieved both goals. Hart Pump Service’s new sign stands out from other companies in the plaza. It is also easily noticeable and readable from Kipling Avenue, providing Hart with maximum ROI on their signage investment.

How Fascia Signs Can Help Businesses Stand Out

As with Hart Pump Services, many businesses must compete with other companies in the area for visibility. This is the case with companies located in business parks, shopping malls, plazas, strip malls, and business-dense urban regions.

To stand out, the building needs to have clear, attractive, and easy-to-read signage that differentiates the business from others in the area. This is where a well-designed fascia sign can help.

Fascia signs are highly customizable and inexpensive compared to many alternative signage options. These signs can come in illuminated and non-illuminated varieties, making them even more appealing to business owners. They are also highly customizable, ensuring you get the exact design you want.

Benefits of Fascia Signs

For most business owners, the primary benefit of a fascia sign is increased visibility and lower cost. There are, however, many more benefits you should consider when looking into a fascia sign for your business.

Fascia Signs Help Your Business Stand Out From Others

As noted, a well-planned and expertly designed fascia sign will go a long way towards helping your business differentiate itself from others in the area. This is primarily due to the wide range of design options available with fascia signs. 

You can have fascia signs designed in various shapes, colors, images, fonts, sizes, etc. All of this can lead to storefront signage that is visually striking and different from other signs in the area. 

The main benefit here is that your building will stand out from others and be easier for passing cars or foot traffic to notice. Not only does this help your current customers more easily find your building, improving your customer experience, but it also makes it more likely for potential customers to see your building and stop by.

Fascia Signs Can Help You With Branding

Because of the numerous design options available, you can create the exact sign you want that aligns with your company’s branding. This consistency makes it more likely for potential customers to recognize your brand and for newer customers to begin the process of brand recognition.

Another benefit is that it sets the tone for every person who enters your store. Your outside signage is one of the first things people see and the first experience many people have with your company and your website. 

Having signage that accurately reflects your brand, sets the proper tone, and is in line with the rest of your branding, will go a long way toward adequately calibrating people’s expectations of your business.

Illuminated Fascia Signs Help Your Business Get Seen Day or Night

As already mentioned, you have many options when creating your fascia sign, one of which is illumination. You can add lighting to your sign making it easier for people to see when they drive by or for foot traffic.

Even if your business isn’t open at all times of the day, potential customers could be driving or walking by at night while your company is closed. That extra illumination makes it more likely for your sign to stand out and more likely that those potential customers will look you up and visit later.

Another benefit is that illuminated fascia signs are incredibly energy efficient. You don’t have to worry about increasing your monthly electricity bill. All of this can lead to a greater return on your investment, which is the final benefit discussed next. 

Fascia Signs Are Inexpensive And Provide A Solid ROI

As a business owner, you are looking to maximize your profit. This means you don’t want to waste tons of money on marketing or advertising that you don’t see a solid return on. 

With a fascia sign, you are spending money once for a sign that will last for many years. Because of the other benefits already listed, such as improved visibility and brand recognition, your fascia sign will directly be responsible for getting some customers.

For many businesses, one extra customer will more than pay the cost of a professionally built and installed fascia sign. One final benefit is that fascia signs are often inexpensive compared to other advertising alternatives such as billboards and TV or newspaper ads. 

All of this ensures that you are seeing a solid ROI and creating a better customer experience simultaneously.

Get Your Professionally Made Fascia Sign From 6ix Signs Toronto

Don’t wait to get your professionally designed and installed fascia sign. Each day passes is a chance that potential customers aren’t seeing your signage, and your business goes unnoticed. 

If you are ready to have a fascia sign designed and installed, the team at 6ix Signs Toronto can help. Our staff has decades of combined experience and has helped hundreds of businesses get the exact signage solutions they need.

Give 6ix Signs Toronto a call today and get a well-built, professionally designed, and installed fascia sign that will last you for many years.

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Get in touch with 6ix Signs to find out how we can help you increase visibility for your business with professionally built and installed signs and digital prints.

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