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North York, Ontario

Picture of the Leon's Furniture cutout letter sign designed and installed by the team at 6ix Signs Toronto.

Project Snapshot

BusinessLeon’s Furniture
Location10 Suntract Rd, Toronto, ON M9N 3N9, Canada
ReasonLeons Furniture was opening a new location in Toronto and needed a cutout letter sign to help with branding and advertising.

Leon’s Furniture Cutout Letter Sign Project Background

Leon’s Furniture is a popular furniture outlet with stores throughout Canada. For one of their new North York, Ontario stores, the company needed cutout letter signs to help improve their indoor branding and promote their business.

The company contacted 6ix Signs Toronto to provide a cutout signage solution that would meet their requirements. By working closely with Leon’s, the 6ix Signs team created a quality-looking design that stood out and matched the company’s branding.

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How Cutout Letter Signs Can Help Businesses Promote Their Services

Cutout letter signs provide an incredibly versatile solution for businesses looking to enhance their banding indoors and outdoors. The signs can be used on storefronts and the sides of buildings or, as in the case of Leon’s Furniture, on the building walls, providing extra opportunities for customers to see.

Another benefit is that cutout letters can be designed to match your company’s branding exactly. Combined with your stores outside branding, advertising, and other promotional efforts, cutout letter signs add another point where customers will see your company branding and improve brand recognition in the minds of your customers.

Benefits of Cutout Letter Signs

As noted above, there are numerous ways that cutout letter signs can provide benefits to you as a business owner. At the top of the list is the opportunity to strengthen your brand, but this is by no means the only way a cutout letter sign can help your business.

Cutout Letter Signs Are Highly Customizable

Critical to business owners is that your signage is consistent and reflective of your brand. The great thing about cutout letter signs is that each sign can be customized to your exact specifications to match your brand and the rest of your business’s signage.

This customizability extends to both outdoor and indoor cutout letter signage. You can create a more consistent experience for your customers and set the exact tone you want new customers to have when they walk through your doors or first see your business.

Cutout Letter Signs Provide Photo Opportunities

More and more people are posting on social media sites like Instagram pictures of the businesses they frequently visit. Having indoor cutout letter signs, such as the signage 6ix Signs Toronto made for Leon’s Furniture, allows your customers to take great-looking photos of your business with clear and clean branding.

Every opportunity you give your customers to take social media-worthy photos is an opportunity for your business to be presented to thousands of potential customers. Ensure that your cutout letter sign is consistent with the rest of your branding with solid lighting to ensure it comes out clearly when people take selfies and other photos.

Cutout Letter Signs Offer An Inexpensive Signage Solution

As noted above, cutout letter signs offer ample opportunities to help your advertising efforts align with your other signage. The great thing about this is that your cutout letter signage is a one-time expense compared with other advertising such as billboards, radio, or television.

Compared to other types of signage, cutout letter signs also come in at a much lower cost. Considering that these signs can be used indoors and outdoors, they can help you maximize your return on investment from your advertising efforts.

Cutout Letter Signs Are Highly Durable

One final benefit to business owners is that cutout letter signs are highly durable and long-lasting. This also ensures that you receive maximum ROI on your sign investment. 

When fabricated and properly installed by professionals such as the team at 6ix Signs Toronto, you can be assured of getting the full life out of your cutout letter signage. This goes for indoor cutout letter signs and outdoor cutout letter signs such as those installed on the sides of buildings.

Get Your Professionally Designed Cutout Letter Sign From 6ix Signs Toronto

You can count on 6ix Signs Toronto to create high-quality and durable cutout letter signs that effectively serve to market your business. The 6ix Signs Toronto team has been working with business owners for over a decade to help create effective signage that aligns with company branding.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out the reviews from satisfied customers below and see why people trust 6ix Signs Toronto. We can help you with your coroplast sign needs and get you the results you want with effective signage.

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