Cutout Letter Sign Created For LASHGOD By 6ix Signs

North York, Ontario

Cutout letter signage for the company Lashgod designed and installed by 6ix Signs Toronto.

Project Snapshot

Location1310 Don Mills Rd. Unit #3, North York, ON M3B 2W6, Canada
ReasonLASHGOD was opening a new store while at the same time updating its branding and signage.

LASHGOD Cutout Letter Sign Project Background

LASHGOD is the leading Modern Aesthetics Academy and Luxury & Beauty Supply Service Provider in Greater Toronto. Their team of professional aestheticians provides lash, hair, nails, and aesthetics services and courses backed by years of hands-on experience and certifications in these fields. The company has grown from a one-woman outfit to a team of more than 35 employees since its inception in 2018 and has been featured in Salon Magazine and Toronto Guardian.

With this explosive growth in a competitive industry, LASHGOD decided to upgrade its store signage to present a more visually appealing and eye-catching ambiance that reflects its brand. In 2019, they hired 6ix Signs to create and install various new signs for their business locations, including cutout letter signs for their in-store counters at their North York, Ontario location.

Before Installing The LASHGOD Cutout Letter Sign

The previous LASHGOD signage, while cohesive and consistent with the company’s ideals, lacked the visual pop the company wanted potential customers to see. To help create this more appealing signage, the company hired the team at 6ix Signs Toronto to provide a total signage solution.

One of the things that the 6ix Signs team focused on when designing the LASHGOD cutout signage was their branding, which is vibrant and visually captivating. The team wanted to create signage that helped to enhance their branding and worked cohesively to draw in potential customers and set the tone for everyone entering the store.

Designing The LASHGOD Cutout Letter Sign

The 6ix Signs Toronto team worked to create an in-store counter with cutout letter signage that would match the rest of the company’s branding. This meant using lighting, colors, and the unique design and incorporating this into a cutout letter sign that would be vibrant and visually appealing.

This was accomplished by creating a storefront counter with bright and eye-catching lighting to surround the cutout sign. The counter was made from wood with sheet metal covering where the sign was to be installed upon completion.

Once the counter was created, and the wood treated and put in place, the sheet metal covering could be installed. The 6ix Signs Toronto team was careful to install everything correctly to ensure that LASHGOD would get the full life from their storefront counter.

Once the sheet metal front was installed, the 6ix Signs team began to add accent lighting to help the sign stand out and draw customers’ attention to the LASHGOD cutout letter signage.

Once the counter was completed, the cutout letter sign was designed and installed. Because of the many years of experience, the 6ix Signs Toronto team quickly developed and fabricated the LASHGOD cutout letter sign to be installed on the counter front.

The cutout letter sign was fabricated based on the exact specifications from LASHGOD. It was created using the highest quality signage materials available, ensuring that the company would get maximum return on its signage investment.

After Installing The LASHGOD Cutout Letter Sign

Once the counter and the sign were completed and the cutout letter sign added to the counter front, the storefront counter was installed in the new LASHGOD location.

The new cutout letter sign fulfilled the intended purpose of better advertising the company and helping to create a more vibrant atmosphere within the store. 

Get Your Professionally Designed Cutout Letter Sign From 6ix Signs Toronto

The 6ix Signs Toronto team has created and installed hundreds of successful signs for clients across a range of industries in the Greater Toronto Area and other regions of Ontario. We make custom cutout letter signs to present your brand professionally to get your business the exposure it needs to attract new customers and set the tone for potential customers.

Contact 6ix Signs Toronto today and start the process of designing, fabricating, and installing your cutout letter sign for your business.

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