Awning Storefront Sign Created For Aviemore Restaurant By 6ix Signs

Peterborough, Ontario

Picture of the Aviemore Restaurant storefront awning sign.

Project Snapshot

BusinessAviemore Restaurant
Location398 McDonnel St, Peterborough, ON K9H 2X4, Canada
ReasonAviemore Restaurant needed a new awning storefront sign to replace their previous one, which was beginning to tear and fade.

Aviemore Restaurant Awning Storefront Sign Project Background

Aviemore is a Canadian comfort food restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner located in Peterborough, Ontario. The restaurant’s building is distinct because of the large awning in the front above the sidewalk. 

Before contacting 6ix Signs Toronto, Aviemore had a sizeable green storefront awning sign that helped the restaurant stand out along McDonnel Street. The sign was easily visible to traffic and served to help separate the building from others in the area.

Over time, this sign began to fade and tear against the frame. This led to the sign appearing rundown and distracted from the restaurant’s name.

Screenshot of the previous Aviemore Restaurant awning storefront sign.

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To remedy the situation, 6ix Signs was called in to design and install a new storefront awning sign. The 6ix Signs team created a new sign, this time red, that stood out among the other buildings and was easy to see along the street.

Picture of the new Aviemore Restaurant storefront sign designed and installed by 6ix Signs Toronto.

How Awning Storefront Signs Can Help Businesses Promote Their Services

Awning storefront signs are a great way to keep your building cool and market your business simultaneously. These signs easily stand out along the street and make it easier for your customers to see your business. 

For businesses that are looking to make a statement, there is a lot of room to add branding and other important information, including:

  • Phone numbers
  • Address
  • Social media username
  • Logos
  • Business taglines

All of this information makes it easier for customers to support your business, potential customers to find and contact your business, and strengthen your brand.

Benefits of Awning Storefront Signs

Aside from the enhanced visibility and strong branding potential, storefront awning signs present business owners with a host of other benefits. One of the most commonly cited is the increased visibility for traffic driving by. However, there are other upsides you should be aware of.

Picture of the Aviemore Storefront Awning Sign being made in the 6ix Signs Toronto shop.

Awning Storefront Signs Are Energy Saving

Awning storefront signs do a phenomenal job of blocking the sun from reaching inside a building. This has a couple of benefits, but the most important for business owners is that it can keep your building cooler and lower energy costs during the summer.

For patrons, such as the diners in Aviemore Restaurant, the awning helps block the sun, which can be annoying for customers. While this won’t necessarily block out the sun all day, depending on which direction your building is located, it can make a massive impact.

Traffic Can Easily See Awning Storefront Signs

As noted above, awning storefront signs are big, bold, and offer a great opportunity to present your business and brand in a readily noticeable way. So, if your business is along a well-trafficked street, storefront awning signs can make it easy for that traffic to see your building.

Another benefit is that they can be made in a wide range of colors, making it even easier for your business to stand out. You can choose bright colors that pop against your building and stand out against surrounding businesses, giving you an advantage over potential competitors.

Awnings Provide Plenty Of Space For Branding

You can design awnings whatever size you need them to be. This means the larger your building, the larger your opportunity to ad branding and conveys what your business is about. 

For many business owners, this can mean the difference between drawing in customers who may otherwise not know about your business. Especially, if you are located in busy areas such as:

  • Business parks
  • Plazas
  • Strip malls
  • Crowded streets

If numerous other businesses surround you, especially if those businesses are similar to yours, such as restaurants or clothing stores, an awning storefront sign can be what separates you from your competition. 

Awning Storefront Signs Are More Visible Than Other Storefront Signs

One final benefit is how much more visible an awning storefront sign is compared to other business signs, such as channel letter signs.

Picture of the led backlights being installed in the Aviemore Restaurant storefront awning sign from 6ix Signs Toronto.

Because your awning sticks out from the building, it provides a three-dimensional surface rather than a flat sign that can only be seen in front of your building. For people walking by on either side or driving by, as noted above, that means better visibility.

It also means that your entire building will be more visible, especially if you are surrounded on both sides by buildings that block yours. Using a storefront awning sign is a prime opportunity to enhance your building’s visibility and make it easier for potential customers to see your signage.

Get Your Professionally Designed Awning Storefront Sign From 6ix Signs Toronto

Don’t let your business suffer from hard-to-see signs, poor brand visibility, or a sign that is ragged and aged. The 6ix Signs Toronto team has over a decade of experience helping businesses like yours get the exact awning storefront sign they need.

Our team can help you with everything from the design process to securing permits and safe installation. You can rely on our trained and experienced fabricators to ensure your sign is designed correctly, and rest easy knowing our certified installers will get the job done right.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Read the reviews below from countless satisfied customers who consistently come back when they need signage. Contact 6ix Signs Toronto and get started with your new awning storefront sign today.

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