Parkwood Estate National Historic Site in Oshawa

Nestled in the vibrant city of Oshawa lies the illustrious Parkwood Estate, a jewel of Canadian heritage and a testament to the country’s bygone era of industrialism. Once the family residence of auto baron R.S. McLaughlin, the founder of General Motors of Canada, this opulent 55-room abode, built in 1917, now welcomes visitors as a National Historic Site. Its grandeur is reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, echoed in its lush gardens and sumptuous interiors.

Visitors seeking an exemplary time to explore Parkwood Estate should consider the late spring through early autumn months – an ideal period when the gardens are in full bloom, offering a feast for the senses, with vibrant colors and fragrances. The site is open year-round, offering a variety of tours that showcase its stunning architecture and decorative arts, providing insight into the domestic life of Canadian nobility. Special events, such as afternoon tea and historical reenactments, make for an engaging experience.

Reaching Parkwood Estate is straightforward, whether opting for a drive or public transport. If driving, one would head east from Toronto on the 401, taking exit 415 and following signs directing towards the estate’s welcoming gates. Alternatively, public transportation users can board a GO Train to Oshawa Station, from where local buses serve a route passing near the estate.

Adjacent to Parkwood is the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens, an oasis featuring interconnected parks with thematic gardens that enchant the soul. The nearby eateries and watering holes provide a delightful array of culinary choices. Whether craving crafted brews, sweet confectioneries, or sumptuous local and international dishes, one can find a spot to satisfy any craving. Notable mentions include the cheerful atmosphere and delicious bites of local cafes and the refined offerings of higher-end restaurant patios.

For those drawn to periods past and the grandiose way of life once lived by the nation’s industrial pioneers, a day at Parkwood Estate is nothing short of enchanting. With its captivating history, splendid architecture, and serene gardens – coupled with the nearby botanical beauty and culinary delights – the estate stands as a crown jewel in Oshawa, inviting all to partake in its enduring legacy.