Trade Show Banner Stands

Trade Show Banner Stands to Draw in Visitors at Your Next Trade Show

Trade show banner stands are perfect for showcasing your brand and your business at events, conferences, and exhibits. These stands are designed to hold your customized banner securely and can be easily adjusted for different heights and widths. They are made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, so they can be used again and again. These banner stands are also lightweight, making them easy to transport and set up in a matter of minutes. Some stands come with a carrying case for added convenience and protection during transit. They are ideal for advertising your products or services and making a lasting impression on potential customers. Customizing your banner with your business logo, slogan, or message is quick and easy, ensuring that your brand stands out among the competition.

Economy Banner Stand

The economy banner stand is a great choice for businesses that want a simple and affordable way to display their message. The stand is made of durable aluminum construction and features a retractable banner that can be easily set up in minutes. At 33.5 inches wide and 80 inches high, the banner provides ample space for your message to be seen from a distance, making it ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, or other events. This economy banner stand is a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to make a big impact on a tight budget.


35" x 80"

Premium Banner Stand

Introducing our Premium Banner Stands – a robust stand made of sturdy, anodized aluminium material, designed to withstand the test of time. This stand is equipped with a retractable banner, neatly placed inside the stand’s body, making it easy to carry around without getting entangled. Complementing its heavy-duty build, this stand is also designed to be larger and heavier, providing greater stability and making it perfect for outdoor use. With its premium quality, this stand exudes a professional look that can instantly elevate your brand. Whether you’re using it at trade shows, outdoor events, or in-store promotions, the durable and reliable nature of this stand ensures that your message is conveyed in the most effective way possible. Get your hands on this premium quality anodized aluminium stand with a retractable printed banner today, and take your marketing efforts to the next level!


33.5" x 80"

Tabletop Banner Stand

Tabletop banner stands are the perfect promotional tool for any event or display. Measuring at a compact size, these banner stands can be easily transported and set up on any flat surface. Their sleek and modern design makes them suitable for a variety of environments, including trade shows, conferences, and retail stores. The banner itself is printed on high-quality vinyl material with sharp, vibrant colors that will make your message stand out. The stands are designed to hold the banner securely in place so you don’t have to worry about any distracting movement. With their compact size, impressive design, and high-quality printing, tabletop banner stands are the perfect promotional tool for any business or organization.


Small: 8.25" x 14"
Large: 11.75" x 18"


X-stand banner stands are an excellent choice for those who want to showcase their business or services with an eye-catching design. These banner stands are easy to set up and highly portable, making them perfect for conventions, trade shows, and other promotional events. Made from high-quality materials, these stands are designed to last, delivering a durable and reliable display that you can count on. Thanks to their lightweight construction, X-stand banner stands can be easily transported from one location to another, while the collapsible design makes them just as simple to store when not in use. With a variety of sizes and graphic options available, these banner stands can be customized to suit your specific needs. So if you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to promote your business or brand, consider investing in an X-stand banner stand today!


24" x 60"

Tabletop X-Stand

Tabletop X-Stand banner stands are a versatile and affordable display solution suitable for events, retail spaces, lobbies, and trade shows. The lightweight and durable frame are constructed with sturdy poles that assemble quickly and easily. The compact size allows for effortless transportation and effortless setup within minutes. Graphics are easily interchangeable due to the simple, custom tension lock system that keeps the banner taut and wrinkle-free. The X-stand can hold a wide range of banner sizes, offering flexibility to users. Tabletop X-Stand banner stands are made with high-quality materials that can endure extended periods of use, providing excellent value for corporate events, promotional campaigns, fundraisers, and exhibitions. Trust Tabletop X-Stand banner stands to elevate your brand with a professional and attractive display.


12" x 17"

How We Build and Deliver Your Trade Show Exhibit Podiums


First we learn about your business and understand your requirements trade show requirements. Then we discuss solutions that fit your needs.


Our design team works on crafting your booth design to align with your brand and with a focus on attracting more prospects.


We'll present you with the final designs and render of your booth so you have complete confidence in the final product with no surprises.

Pick-up or Delivery

Come into our showroom to pickup or let us deliver it to you. We'll show you how to set up your booth and answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several different types of banner stands available, including:

1. Retractable Banner Stands: These stands have a retractable mechanism that allows the banner to be easily pulled up and stored inside the base when not in use.

2. X-Stand Banner Stands: These stands consist of a simple X-shaped frame with arms that hold the banner in place. They are lightweight and easy to set up.

3. L-Stand Banner Stands: These stands feature an L-shaped frame with arms that hold the banner. They are often used for larger banners and provide stability.

4. Pole Banner Stands: These stands use vertical poles to hold the banner in place, usually with top and bottom bars for added stability.

5. Telescopic Banner Stands: These stands have adjustable telescopic poles that allow the height of the banner to be customized. They are versatile and can accommodate different banner sizes.

6. Tabletop Banner Stands: These stands are designed for smaller banners and are meant to be placed on tables or countertops for display.

7. Outdoor Banner Stands: These stands are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions such as wind and rain. They are typically made of durable materials and have weighted bases for stability.

8. Fabric Banner Stands: These stands use fabric banners instead of traditional vinyl or PVC banners. The fabric is stretched tightly over a frame for a sleek and modern look.

9. Double-sided Banner Stands: These stands allow for display of banners on both sides, making them ideal for high-traffic areas where visibility from multiple directions is important.

10. Lighted Banner Stands: These stands incorporate LED lights or other lighting sources to illuminate the banner, making it more eye-catching and visible in dimly lit environments.

Choosing the right size and style of banner stand for your display needs depends on various factors. Here are some steps to help you make the right decision:

1. Determine the purpose: Consider the purpose of your display. Are you using it for a trade show, exhibition, conference, or in-store promotion? The purpose will help determine the appropriate size and style.

2. Evaluate the available space: Measure the available space where you plan to set up the banner stand. Consider both the width and height limitations to ensure the stand fits comfortably without overwhelming the area.

3. Understand the types of banner stands: There are various types of banner stands, including retractable, telescopic, X-banner, L-banner, and tension fabric displays. Research each type to understand their features, setup requirements, and visual impact.

4. Consider the content: Evaluate the content you want to display on the banner stand. If you have a lot of information or visuals, you might need a larger size or a stand that allows multiple banners to be displayed together.

5. Portability and ease of assembly: Determine if portability is important to you. If you frequently travel for events, you might prefer a lightweight and easy-to-assemble stand. Retractable stands are usually the most portable option.

6. Budget: Set a budget for your banner stand. Prices can vary based on size, style, material quality, and additional features. Ensure that the chosen stand fits within your budget while meeting your display needs.

7. Seek advice from professionals: If you are uncertain, consult with our professionals and exhibition experts. We can guide you based on their experience and knowledge.

Yes, banner stands can be used for outdoor events as well. However, it is important to choose a banner stand that is specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand various weather conditions such as wind, rain, and sunlight. Outdoor banner stands are typically made with durable materials like weather-resistant vinyl or fabric and have features like weighted bases or ground stakes to provide stability in outdoor environments. Additionally, outdoor banners may require additional printing techniques or protective coatings to ensure longevity and visibility in outdoor settings.


When designing artwork for banner stands, it is important to consider the following best practices:

1. Size and dimensions: Start by understanding the size and dimensions of the banner stand. This will help you determine the available space for your artwork and ensure that it fits properly.

2. High-resolution images: Use high-resolution images for your artwork to ensure that it appears sharp and clear when printed on a larger scale. Avoid using low-quality or pixelated images as they can detract from the overall visual appeal.

3. Simple and clear message: Keep the messaging on the banner stand simple and easy to read. Use concise wording and make sure that the main message is prominently displayed. Remember that banner stands are often viewed from a distance, so the text should be easily readable from afar.

4. Eye-catching visuals: Use visually appealing graphics and colors to grab attention and create a visually striking design. Consider the use of contrasting colors, bold fonts, and engaging imagery to make your banner stand out in a crowded environment.

5. Brand consistency: Maintain consistency with your brand's visual identity, including the use of your logo, color palette, and fonts. This creates a cohesive look and reinforces brand recognition.

6. White space: Don't overcrowd the banner stand with too much information or cluttered design elements. Leave enough white space around the key elements to allow them to stand out and improve readability.

7. Placement of important information: Place the most crucial information, such as contact details or key selling points, at eye-level or in the most visible areas of the banner stand. This ensures that viewers can quickly grasp the essential details.

8. Test the design: Before finalizing the design, print out a small-scale version to assess how it looks in physical form. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the artwork translates well when printed on the banner stand.

9. File format and resolution: Ensure that your final artwork is saved in the appropriate file format (such as PDF, EPS, or TIFF) and at a high resolution (usually 300 dpi) to ensure optimal print quality.

10. Proofreading and spell-checking: Carefully proofread all text on the banner stand to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors. Mistakes can detract from the overall professionalism of the design.

Remember to work closely with us to understand their specific requirements and guidelines for artwork submission to ensure a smooth printing process and a visually appealing banner stand.

Yes, there are specific assembly and setup instructions for banner stands. The instructions may vary depending on the type and model of the banner stand you have. However, here are some general steps that can be followed:

1. Unpack the banner stand: Remove all the components from the packaging and lay them out on a clean surface.

2. Connect the poles: If your banner stand has multiple poles or segments, connect them together by sliding one end into the other until they fit snugly. Make sure to follow any marked instructions or arrows for proper alignment.

3. Attach the base: Depending on the design of your banner stand, you may need to attach the base to the poles. This is usually done by sliding the bottom of the poles into designated slots or brackets on the base. Ensure that everything is securely connected.

4. Extend the poles: If your banner stand is adjustable in height, extend the poles to the desired height by pulling them upward until they lock into place. Some stands may require you to twist or push buttons to secure the height adjustment.

5. Install the banner: Most banner stands have a top rail or bar where the banner is attached. Slide the top of the banner into this rail or bar, making sure it is taut and centered. Some stands may also have bottom bars or adhesive strips to hold the banner in place.

6. Adjust tension and position: Once the banner is attached, you can adjust the tension by using any provided adjustment mechanisms. This will help ensure that the banner is smooth and wrinkle-free. Also, make any necessary adjustments to the position of the banner on the stand.

7. Test stability: Finally, test the stability of the fully assembled banner stand by gently applying pressure to different sides and angles. If it feels secure and steady, your banner stand is ready for use.

When it comes to shipping and storage considerations for banner stands, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

1. Size and Weight: Banner stands come in various sizes and weights, so it's important to consider these factors when planning for shipping and storage. Larger and heavier banner stands may require special handling or packaging to ensure safe transportation.

2. Packaging: Proper packaging is crucial to protect banner stands during shipping. They should be securely packed in suitable containers or boxes with sufficient padding to prevent any damage during transit. This is particularly important if the banner stand contains fragile components like lights or electronics.

3. Assembly and Disassembly: Some banner stands are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, while others may require more effort or specialized tools. Consider the ease of assembly and disassembly when choosing banner stands for shipping and storage purposes. Ideally, banner stands that can be quickly set up and taken down will save time and effort during transportation.

4. Portability: If you frequently need to transport banner stands to different locations, consider choosing lightweight and portable options. Portable banner stands typically have folding frames or retractable mechanisms that make them easier to carry and maneuver.

5. Durability: Ensure that the chosen banner stands are durable enough to withstand the rigors of shipping and storage. Sturdy construction and high-quality materials will help prevent damage during transit and extend the lifespan of the stands.

6. Climate Control: If storing banner stands for an extended period, it's important to consider the storage environment. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight can adversely affect the materials and graphics of the banner stands. Opt for a climate-controlled storage space if possible.

7. Labeling and Tracking: Properly labeling each packaged banner stand with clear identification and tracking information will facilitate easy organization, transportation, and inventory management. This will help avoid confusion and ensure that the right banner stands are shipped to the correct destinations.

By considering these shipping and storage considerations, you can ensure that your banner stands arrive safely at their destinations and remain in good condition for future use.

To maintain and clean your banner stands for long-term use, follow these steps:

1. Regular dusting: Use a soft cloth or duster to remove any dust or debris from the surface of the banner stand. This should be done regularly to prevent dust build-up.

2. Spot cleaning: If you notice any stains or spills on the banner stand, immediately spot clean it using a mild detergent or soap mixed with water. Gently scrub the affected area with a soft cloth or sponge, then rinse with clean water and allow it to air dry.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use harsh chemicals, solvents, or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the fabric or material of the banner stand. Stick to mild solutions and gentle cleaning methods.

4. Storage: When not in use, store the banner stand in a cool, dry place to prevent any potential damage from humidity or moisture. Keep it away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that could cause fading or warping.

5. Proper handling: Handle the banner stand with care, especially when assembling or disassembling it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid any unnecessary strain or damage to the stand.

6. Repair or replace damaged parts: If any components of the banner stand get damaged or worn out over time, consider repairing or replacing them promptly. This will help maintain the overall integrity and functionality of the stand.

By following these maintenance and cleaning tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your banner stands and ensure they remain in good condition for long-term use.

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