Mel Lastman Square Rink

Mel Lastman Square Rink, a cherished winter landmark in North York, offers a quintessential Canadian experience. Named after the former mayor of North York, Mel Lastman, the square was created as a civic gathering place and has been a focal point for community events since its opening in the 1980s. The rink itself is a seasonal attraction, typically opening its icy expanse to the public from late November to March, weather permitting.

The best times to glide across this open-air rink are weekday evenings when the ice is less crowded and the twinkling lights of the surrounding cityscape create a magical skating backdrop. Weekends are livelier, with families and friends flocking to the rink, adding to the joyous atmosphere. For those who prefer the warmth of the sun, a midday visit on a clear winter’s day can be equally delightful.

Mel Lastman Square Rink isn’t just for skating; it’s a hub of activity during the winter months. The rink hosts various events, including holiday celebrations and winter festivals that bring the community together. Free skating lessons and family-friendly activities are often on the agenda, making it an inclusive spot for visitors of all ages and skill levels.

Getting to the rink is a breeze. By car, visitors can take Yonge Street to North York Boulevard, where parking options are available in the area. Public transit users can disembark at North York Centre subway station, which is conveniently located right beside the square, making it easily accessible for anyone using the TTC.

Nearby, CF Shops at Don Mills presents a unique outdoor shopping experience, where one can enjoy the charm of a European-style town square lined with boutiques and eateries. This shopping haven is a short drive or bus ride away, offering a perfect excursion before or after a skating session.

The culinary offerings around Mel Lastman Square cater to a variety of tastes. From casual caf├ęs where you can grab a hot chocolate to warm up, to restaurants serving hearty meals to refuel after time on the ice, there’s no shortage of dining options. As evening approaches, local bars welcome patrons looking to unwind, providing cozy havens where one can reminisce about the day’s adventures over a drink.

Mel Lastman Square Rink is more than just a place to skate; it’s a winter wonderland in the heart of the city. It’s where memories are made against the soundtrack of blades carving ice and where the spirit of winter is embraced through laughter and shared experiences. Whether you’re performing pirouettes or taking your first tentative steps on the ice, the rink at Mel Lastman Square is a destination that captures the essence of the season.