Casa Loma

castle, parking lot.

Casa Loma, located in Toronto, Ontario, was built between 1911 and 1914 and bears witness to a century-long history of romance, ambition mystery, and passion. It’s a popular tourist attraction and holds a unique mix of historical memories, ghost stories, military mysteries, architectural wonders, and Hollywood connections.

Casa Loma’s History

Sir Henry Pellatt built Casa Loma as a gift to himself. He wanted a house that would reflect his love for art and architecture, so he commissioned one of the world’s best architects to create it. His wife, Lady Pellatt, also loved beautiful things, so she helped fund the project. In 1882 they were married and lived happily ever after until her death in 1925. After that, Sir Pellatt continued living in Casa Loma alone. He died in 1928. Today, Casa Loma belongs to the City of Toronto and is open to visitors every day.

Casa Loma’s Ghosts

Casa Loma’s long history is riddled with stories of strange noises, voices, and apparitions. Guests and staff at Casa Loma have often reported episodes where they witnessed a mysterious figure in white haunting the palace during the early 20th Century. The White Lady seems the most common of these ghosts; a number of people report seeing a woman dressed in white roaming the halls. The first owners of Casa Loma, Sir Henry and his wife Lady Pellatt, also seemed to haunt the palace. A young boy reported seeing a man matching Sir Henry’s description at a second-floor window during an outdoor event in the gardens. The second floor was not open at the time, and so the description given by the boy matched that of Sir Henry. Lady Pellatt’s ghost has been seen with lower frequency. Financial difficulties forced the couple to sell Casa Loma in 1929, and thus the unsatisfied spirits of both owners haunted their beloved home. The underground tunnels beneath the castle are also eerie; sounds have been heard by visitors and a playful spirit is thought to be responsible for pulling peoples’ hair and tugging on their arms.

Casa Loma’s Secrets

Casa Loma was originally built as a private residence for wealthy businessman John Galt. In his will, he left the house to the city of Toronto, which then turned it into a hotel. One day, a group of Nazi U-boat sailors were spotted near Casa Loma. They had orders to sink any ship they saw. When the crew arrived at Casa Loma, they discovered that the building had no basement. Since they didn’t have enough room to store their torpedoes, they decided to hide them inside the walls. Unfortunately, the Nazis forgot about one thing – the sound waves produced by the torpedoes would carry through the wall and alert people nearby. The next morning, the Canadians found out about the Germans’ plan to destroy ships and went to investigate. After hearing the noise coming from within the walls, they realized what was happening and called the police. The Nazis were captured before they could do any damage.

Casa Loma’s Marvels

Spectacular architecture and cutting-edge technology classified Casa Lomas as one of the wonders of Toronto in the early 20th century. The castle demonstrated the benefits of electricity, which was very new in North America at that time, and had an elevator, which is the first of its kind ever built in a private residence in North America. The mansion was fitted with central vacuum cleaning systems and had its own telephone exchanges, so many telephones that they handled more daily calls from inside the castle than operators from the entire City of Toronto. The furniture in the Oak Room of Casas Loma was designed by a company that supplied the interiors of the Titanic. The Castle also had several secret passageways and staircases, the most interesting of them being an 800-foot-long tunnel connecting the castle to the horse stable. The stables themselves were a breathtaking wonder, with herringbone tiled flooring, carved mahogany wall panels, and cast iron panels. Casa Loma was equipped with several secret rooms and stairways, the most impressive of them being an 800 ft long tunnel that connected the castle with the horse stables.

Casa Loma’s Hollywood Tales

In addition to being used as a location for countless films, Casa Loma‘s ballrooms, hallways, and exterior spaces have also provided the perfect setting for some of Toronto’s finest weddings. The Romantic Essence Ballroom offers a unique atmosphere for your big day – whether you choose a classic theme or something more modern. Our elegant Oak Room can accommodate up to 250 guests, and our spacious Garden Terrace provides a beautiful outdoor space for your reception. We offer a variety of catering options so we can create the perfect menu for your event.

If you’re in Toronto, a visit to Casa Loma makes an ideal daytime trip, capped off with an evening in Toronto’s iconic Distillery District.